Audience Feedback

Thank you for arranging the excellent talk by Stephen Zemek. He is obviously a very good Motivational Speaker. He has a gift of putting complicated and intricate systems such as digestion and endocrinology into simple everyday analogies which are understandable and very relevant to our everyday well-being.

I also recognise that through his experience he has pinpointed key factors, such as stress and excess obesity etc, which are responsible for so many of our modern-day diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. His natural holistic methods of treatment, such as exercise, circumspect consumption of food, meditation and 'Being Still', and coming to terms with all the negative feelings and emotions in life, have the wisdom of the ages recommending them, and will surely become more and more in demand in the future.

Cavin (Surgeon)

Stephen was asked as part of our Staff Wellbeing Program to address how staff might take better care of themselves in their daily self management practices. His brief was to do this in a fun and informative way.

Stephen began with a bang, showing us the beetroot test which many staff have since tried. We enjoyed Stephen's knowledgeable approach to self care through a holistic range of approaches including nutrition, exercise and mindful meditation. The presentation was done calmly, with a good consonance between Stephen's manner and his information. We could have listened to Stephen for much longer and have asked many more questions. There is not much it would appear that has not crossed Stephen's path.

Although his was the last session of the day, we felt better at the end than at the beginning and that's a good recommendation!

Alain (School Principal)

Stephen, I was in awe of your gift of expression and contemplative spirit when I heard you speak last Thursday during Cancer Week. I was so delighted with what I heard you say. It is so much in sync with our philosophy.

As we all respond to your invitation to healthy living, we shall not die with the music still inside us. If we live as you suggest, we will die knowing that we have 'made a positive difference while we were on this planet'. How wonderful is that?

Julie (CEO)

I first heard about you when a friend loaned me your book 100% Alive & Happy. It made immediate sense to me.

When I rang you, I liked your no-nonsense approach.

As you know, Stephen, I employ 273 people and I figured if I could instil a happier approach into the lives of my employees, it might just rub off on my sales people as well as those on the factory floor.

It's now six months since you spoke to us and I wanted to tell you that absenteeism has dropped 17 percent. I'm obviously very excited by that.

By the way, Andrea wanted you to know that she is delighted to be still losing weight.

Bruce (CEO)

I booked Stephen Zemek to speak to our staff about surviving in a classroom. He rewarded us by teaching not just to survive - but to live, and live well. Stephen spoke from clinical experience and sound medical knowledge in terms easy to understand and readily applicable to everyday situations. More than that, he presented wisdom that was transformational. Four months later our staff are not just talking about what Stephen said, but we are living it - and our community is better for it.

James (Assistant School Principal)

Thank you for your informative and interesting talk on how to lead a Healthy Life Style given at the July meeting of our Probus Club.

Our members all welcomed your advice on how to monitor their Thyroid Function and the ideal time of the day to consume the main meal, also your advice on how to combat Arthritis.

I'm sure quite a few people took notice on how to reduce their weight and waist line.

A group of fourteen of us went to lunch after the meeting and the topic of conversation around the table was very centred on the subjects of your talk.

Once again, thank you for taking the time and effort to come to our club and pass on your knowledge on how to lead a more healthy life style. It was appreciated by all who attended the meeting.

Clyde (Guest Speaker Co-ordinator)