Cancer Is A Word Not A Death Sentence!

In my clinics I treat People with cancer but I do not treat cancer. There is a big difference.

I believe that people afflicted with cancer have the best chance of survival by embracing both Orthodox and Holistic Medicine. There are some interesting studies to support this, although sometimes obtaining a clear delineation is difficult given the fact that personality traits that reflect inherited 'helplessness', 'straight negativity', or unbridled 'enthusiasm' may skew results.

A very famous study undertaken by David Spiegel studied outcomes in two groups of women with metastatic breast cancer. One group decided to follow normal medical treatment but added group therapy which consisted of relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. Compared to women who opted for the conventional approach standing alone, the women who had added the holistic approach doubled their survival time. Ten years later, there were three survivors in the group employing relaxation techniques while none from the other group employing orthodox techniques alone had survived.

Another study looking at people with malignant melanoma is noteworthy. Sixty-eight patients with malignant melanoma were divided into two groups. One group opted to add stress management techniques to their normal treatment. After six years, the group trying to reduce the effects of stress reflected a fifty percent drop in recurrence and a considerable lower death rate. The intervention employed six weeks of stress management soon after diagnosis. Importantly, immune function was monitored in both groups. Six months into the study, the controlled group had significantly better immune function although at the start both groups were comparable. This heightened immune response is significant in this study because it is known that melanoma is vigorously attacked by NK cells of the immune system.

Patients with Prostate Cancer formed the nucleus of another study. Again they were divided into two groups but this time there was a significant difference. One group decided to employ what is known as watchful waiting alone. In other words they opted not to have any conventional treatment at all but instead employed a radical lifestyle change. This is not illogical because most early prostate cancer is not aggressive or life threatening.

Ninety-three men took part in this study. THE RESULTS IN MY OPINION WERE HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT AND SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. Twelve months after the study commenced not one person in the controlled lifestyle group succumbed to aggressive cancer but 6 in the other group needed conventional intervention because of a rise in PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen ) or progression of their disease.

It was further noted that the more lifestyle changes were made, the greater improvement was made. This underlines what has always been my motto in all my clinics - GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ARE NOT PILLS. THEY ARE A WAY OF LIFE.

I have always told patients, 'Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. It is a stern warning to change your way of life because the one you're following at the moment simply isn't working.' In 2002, after many requests from patients, I wrote a book called 100% Alive & Happy. It outlines a way of life that allows you to take control, rather than letting life control you. Here's what a patient said recently about it:

Having experienced and survived breast cancer, I find your book invaluable.

It has taught me in plain English how to achieve a stress free lifestyle.

Mary W

Exercise is now appearing on the radar screens of those studying cancer. Here is an illustration. Two thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven women with breast cancer were monitored over an eighteen year period. In those who committed to walking five hours a week reflected a fifty percent better chance of survival than those who didn't.

A study involving forty seven thousand men with prostate cancer showed that those committed to daily exercise reduced the risk of its advancement by as much as thirty percent.

In summing up, immune fighters such as the gladiatorial TNF-alpha can kill immune cells and many cancers are held in check by a balance between natural cell death, cell division and the ever watchful eye of the body's policing system that we call the immune system. Our 21st century fast paced lifestyle is particularly good at disturbing this delicate balance and the result can be cancer. Over the last 21 years this breakdown in what Hippocrates called our Homeostatic Balance has been reflected in many of my patients when they have failed to cope adequately with a real or perceived disaster.

My advice is - 'Take time out to just BE STILL because Cancer can make you very still!'

DISCLAIMER: This information is of a general nature only. As each person reacts differently, the information must not be acted upon without a face to face consultation with your chosen Health Practitioner.

Stephen Zemek ND BN

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