Conditions Treated Most Frequently

ALLERGY: Don't let allergy ruin your life. Allergy can trigger; Asthma, Eczema, Headaches, Tiredness etc. There wouldn't be a day in either of my clinics that I don't mix a bottle of Herbal Medicine for someone with allergy. Because everyone with allergy has individual triggers, this is where Herbal Medicine shines because it allows me to tailor make individual mixtures.

ANXIETY: In our 'High-Stress' world, it is easy for the chemical messengers in our brain to become scrambled and we find ourselves trapped in a web of anxiety. I've been there. I can show you how to cut yourself free from Anxiety.

ARTHRITIS (Osteo / Rheumatoid): Pain, tiredness, and limitation of movement - these things can take much of the pleasure out of your life. The big advantage my patients experience with the way I treat Arthritis is that they are not plagued with the side effects that can occur if one is using anti-inflammatory drugs.

ASTHMA: It is said that asthma is an Inflammatory Disease of the Lungs. This is true but asthma is much more than that because I have seen asthma triggered in many different ways. If you come to see me I shall take your whole clinical picture into account and more than likely, I shall use Herbal Medicine to formulate a Treatment Principle to suit your particular circumstances.

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER: I believe this problem is a nutritional one that occurs through the interplay between an overabundance of omega six fatty acids and inflammatory cytokines that can affect brain chemistry. When treating this problem with Natural Medicine, progress is often slow and that tends to throw some parents back into the arena of drug therapy. Before making this decision, I think all parents should make themselves fully aware of the long term side effects of these medications.

BLADDER INFECTIONS: Sometimes this needs urgent medical attention, but repeated bladder infections are a warning signal to look for the cause. Herbal Medicine, with the wisdom of the ages to recommend it, has come to the rescue of many of my patients with this problem.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Because Elevated Blood Pressure can dramatically increase your risk of a stroke or a heart attack, it must be taken very seriously. Nutritional defects such as high calcium and low magnesium can contribute to High Blood Pressure. Good emotional and nutritional health are vital in keeping your blood pressure under control.

CANDIDA: This is a curse that affects millions of people all over the world. The strategy here is to keep your immunity as high as possible so that your natural defences can keep this fungus under control. The tentacles of candida can reach into not only your Physical Health but also your Mental Well Being.

CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME: Each year the number of people seeking my help for this problem increases. I am not surprised at this since each year the earth is becoming more polluted by man-made chemicals that our bodies were never designed to ingest.

CHOLESTEROL: High cholesterol isn't desirable but neither is cholesterol all bad. Humans couldn't survive without it. Having high cholesterol is not all about diet. Genetic predisposition and stress factors are also implicated and Natural Medicine can be effective in lowering cholesterol. Orthodox Medicine uses drugs called statins to lower cholesterol. Some people react badly to these drugs. Statins block the mevalonate pathway which is involved in the biosynthesis of Cholesterol and Co-enzyme Q 10. It is important that if you are taking statins that your CoQ10 stores do not drop because CoQ10 is vital in tissues subject to high metabolic stress such as cardiac myocytes.

CONSTIPATION: Constipation is afflicting more and more people around the world each day. If you combine poor diet and continual high stress, it's highly likely you'll become constipated. Constipation means you are suffering continual auto-intoxication that can spawn very serious health issues.

DEPRESSION: I have treated many people over the years with depression and I have great empathy for them because I suffered from depression for eleven years before I became a naturopath. I take an entirely different approach to people with depression than that outlined by drug companies. I believe that in many cases, not all, depression comes about through stress related inflammation stemming from nutritional deficiencies and excesses.

DIABETES - TYPE 2: This is a problem that is exploding across the world through poor life style choices. Yes, there is a Genetic Predisposition to this disease but it is difficult to contract this malady if you exercise frequently and eat correctly. I can show you how to eat correctly and show you that there are many natural substances that can help to turn this problem around.

ENERGY: Lots of people come to me with low energy. Poor diet, poor sleep patterns, hormonal irregularities, particularly surrounding your Thyroid Gland can all be culprits that need close attention.

HEADACHES: I find the three principal causes of headaches relate to blood sugar, hormonal problems and structural problems. I do not treat structural problems but I certainly treat hormonal problems and people with blood sugar difficulties.

HORMONES: Please go to the next section Articles of Interest to read my comprehensive report on Hormones.

INFERTILITY: Low dopamine and latent hyperprolactinemia can lead to a failure in the conversion of pregnenolone to progesterone. Since progesterone facilitates the implantation and maintenance of a fertilised embryo in the endometrium any failure of progesterone can trigger infertility or miscarriage. I see this problem occurring in many couples who have thus far failed to have a child.

INFLAMMATION AND PAIN: Poor diet, particularly the wrong choice of fats and nutritionally deficient carbohydrates such as white bread, precipitate something called the Arachidonic Acid Cascade that floods the body with damaging pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Many times this inflammation cannot be seen or felt until it is too late eg inflammation in the walls of arteries is a major contributor to Heart Disease. Of course if inflammation is localised to your knee for example, you might feel pain and experience swelling and redness.

SEX: Fulfilling sex is not just a physical act. It is a product of good physical and emotional health. Natural Medicine is wonderful in this sphere.

SINUS: It has been my experience that in a large percentage of cases, sinus is coupled with allergy of some sort or another. In nearly all cases I use Herbal Medicine to treat this problem together with a thorough investigation of the person's diet.

SLEEP: If you have trouble sleeping, you will ultimately have trouble with your health. Poor sleep is tied to being overweight, implicated in depression and heart disease and emotional problems. Natural Medicine offers many avenues to improve your sleep pattern.

THYROID PROBLEMS: I am very familiar with Thyroid Problems because I have what is known as Multi-Nodular Thyroid Goitre which is hereditary. I treat my problem with Herbal Medicine and it is completely under control. Many Thyroid Problems are not treated correctly because incorrect conclusions are drawn from blood test results. If you come to see me with a Thyroid Problem, I shall be happy to explain this.

TIREDNESS: This is a word that seems to creep into the conversation of most of my first time patients. If your diet is poor and you are emotionally empty, it is inevitable that you will suffer constant tiredness. I can show how to fill up your tank again.

ULCER: If you have a stomach ulcer, it is likely that your ph in your gut is not as it should be and it may also be that your diet is far from correct. I can show you how to correct that.

WEIGHT LOSS: Many people who are overweight do not over eat and some are faithful to regular exercise. Why then are they overweight? Being overweight occurs when hormonal spheres of influence are not working in harmony - rather like the cogs of a complicated machine not meshing together properly, so eventually the machine STOPS. I know how to get you GOING!

WEIGHT LOSS HEALTH RETREAT Because a large number of people over many years have asked me to run a 'Live In Weight Loss Retreat', I am now doing so. I only take six people at a time. These retreats are 4 nights and 5 days. They run from Wednesday through to 2 PM on Sundays. If you are interested in this, please contact me on 0428 789 103 or email me at

DISCLAIMER: This information is of a general nature only. As each person reacts differently, the information must not be acted upon without a face to face consultation with your chosen Health Practitioner.