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My Newsletter is designed to keep you updated on the latest developments in the world of Natural Medicine. For example, did you know that after many years wait, I now have in my clinic a standardised form of Tumeric which has proven very effective in the fight against many inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis and some forms of Headache.

I shall also be using my newsletter as a means of letting you know what I am seeing seasonally in my clinics and giving a broad overview of my treatment principles eg in September, the number of people I saw with Hayfever and Sinus rose sharply as patients battled the effects of airborne allergens. Two herbs that featured prominently in my herbal mixtures through September were Eyebright and Elder. These herbs have been used safely for hundreds of years to treat Sinus and Allergy.

Over the years a large number of patients have repeatedly suggested to me that they would like to meet other people who are sincerely striving to improve their health. They have suggested that I arrange some times when patients could meet in a social setting.

I know that some of you who attended my book launch back in 2002 have become firm friends, so I promise that the newsletter will contain announcements of opportunities for us all to meet. For example, we may all meet for a walk through the Noosa National Park one Sunday and then have lunch together at a local restaurant.

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