How Natural Medicine Can Work For You

In March 2006, I took part in an international seminar on Natural Medicine. After speaking with colleagues from around the world, it is obvious that some alarming trends are emerging. We are witnessing big increases in conditions such as; Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Depression and many Stress Related Problems and some Cancers.

When I first started in practice 21 years ago it was rare for me to see someone with cancer under 60. As I write, I have twenty-seven patients under 50 who are battling cancer - why? If you sat behind my desk for just one day I think you would reach the same conclusions I have. Many people are literally dicing with death because of their persistent, illogical eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.

There is no magic bullet where chronic disease is concerned. In other words there is no simple solution for a complex problem and there is no quick fix. Unfortunately, many of us, particularly the young, have been smitten by the 'I want it now' mentality. If you bring this brand of thinking into the arena in the fight against chronic disease you will be very quickly knocked out. Disease takes time to manifest and it takes time to eradicate.

Chronic disease asserts itself principally as the aftermath of our misguided experiments with life washing over an ever more polluted gene pool.

If you want to stay healthy it is well to remember that food is information because once assimilated, it starts a signalling process between cells and therefore what we eat and drink is of the utmost importance. If you fall into the trap of consuming too much sugar (annual sugar consumption per person in the Western World is now a stupid 55 kgs), ultimately this affects absorption and changes the pH of your blood which has serious consequences eg your Dental Health will deteriorate as your saliva becomes more acidic. The pH of your blood also has a profound influence on Growth Hormone Release that affects Thyroid Function. Your Thyroid plays a big part in your energy and influences your weight.

Any medicine can only be truly effective in the long term if the patient's lifestyle is built on logical principles.

My clinical approach is always to try and assist the body to eradicate the cause of the problem rather than just ameliorate symptoms. Here is an example. Some time ago a thirty-eight year old woman came to see me complaining of extreme tiredness, headaches and painful joints. She was taking a steroid and swallowing aspirin. After a careful examination I realised the problem was in her bowel. The first consultation was aimed at correcting this problem through the use of herbal medicine and a change of diet. When the patient returned on her second visit she reported that the headaches had disappeared. I then proceeded to recolonise her gut with friendly intestinal flora and added some natural anti inflammatories. On her third visit the lady reported that she had ceased the steroid drug but her joint pain had receded by about 80 percent. She was also very pleased that her energy had started to return. This patient was suffering from multiple allergy that had been exacerbated by the loss of the protective integrity of the lining of her bowel. I saw this patient seven times and on her last visit she reported she had not felt so well since she was about eighteen. I was particularly pleased that she added just before leaving that she intended to try her best to stick to the sensible eating habits she had learned.

The form of medicine I practise is often referred to as Preventative Medicine or Holistic Medicine. Holistic Medicine best reflects what Naturopathy is all about. It is about assisting you to restore the natural harmony between the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Aspects of your life. After all, surely human beings are very much more than just the tags - Diabetic, or Epileptic, Arthritic or Schizophrenic.

Good Health and Happiness are not Pills. They are a way of Life!

If you are sick, tired or depressed it is your body's way of telling you to change your lifestyle. Einstein once said, 'We will not solve the problems we face today by using the same logic that created them.'

Because I have been in practice a long time, it is now one of my great delights to see many patients at about three monthly intervals who are no longer sick, but have attained and demand a level of health and well being that a lot of people do not know exists. Never before has Holistic Medicine been so well researched and never before have practitioners had such an exciting array of Natural Medicines at their disposal.


I hope this gives you some insight into the way I practise Holistic Medicine.

DISCLAIMER: This information is of a general nature only. As each person reacts differently, the information must not be acted upon without a face to face consultation with your chosen Health Practitioner.

Stephen Zemek ND BN

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