Clinical Testimonials

Stephen gave me back my life because he helped to prise me loose from the jaws of depression. I took anti-depressants for eleven years before meeting Stephen and they nearly buried me. Stephen's knowledge and unique way of explaining things gave me the courage to try a new way. His book 100% Alive & Happy goes with me everywhere. Without Stephen Zemek I wouldn't be here.


Having experienced and survived breast cancer, I find your book invaluable. It has taught me in plain English how to achieve a Stress Free Lifestyle.


As an endurance athlete, I'm after every advantage I can get. I follow the principles in Stephen's book - 100% Alive & Happy for the exceptional feeling of Health and Vitality it gives me. You can't train if you're sick, you can't compete if you're sick and by following Stephen's programme I get astounding consistency with my health.

'Being Still' every day relieves the stresses of my life and gives me an inner calm and a feeling of control. 'Being Still' before a race gives me focus for the task ahead and a chance to prepare for battle. The herbal treatment that I receive from Stephen, gives me access to incredible energy that allows me to compete in the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Races at a much higher level than I could under normal circumstances. He times my energy peaks to coincide with the races and gives me nutritional advice to improve my performances. What more could I ask?


Before I met Stephen my life was falling apart because my hormones were all over the place. I was tired all the time, plagued by anxiety, had no sex drive and no matter what I did my weight just keep piling on. Four months after seeing Stephen, I have lost fourteen kilos but best of all my marriage is great again.


For over 5 years I have suffered from abdominal pain, bloating, lethargy and a general feeling of being unwell. Stephen has helped me so much, using his wisdom and knowledge in the field of Natural Medicine to treat this energy zapping feeling I had. He has taught me that there is a direct correlation between what we put in our mouths and how we feel both mentally and physically. His passion and seemingly endless knowledge of Natural Medicine has been a fascinating ride and has inspired me to make my health and vitality a high priority in my life.


Stephen Zemek is, quite simply, a miracle worker who has treated many of my family members throughout the years with a great degree of success.

I believe Stephen's remedies saved my mother's life when she contracted septicaemia after a hospital stay and, despite her many ailments, he kept her in good health for many years. My daughter suffers from a range of allergies but while she followed Stephen's regimen, her general health improved and her allergic reactions diminished dramatically.

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer early in 2007, I sought Stephen's help to lessen the side effects of the severe Chemotherapy drugs and Radiation treatments. As a result, I was able to keep working between treatments and have regained my energy and health levels very quickly.

Stephen has vast knowledge and experience of the world of Natural Medicine and I will always entrust my health and that of my family to him.


Stephen has been both a friend and role model for a large part of my life. During the time that I have known him, he has played a major part in keeping me healthy. More importantly, he has taught me how to take control of my life and not let life control me! By focusing on what is important in my life, I have been able to become truly happy.


I first saw Stephen back in 1987 for my asthma and headaches. His treatment worked brilliantly although the herbal medicine he mixed up tasted awful. In 1990 we left for Perth. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 1992 and took just about every drug known to man but all the drugs did was make me worse. In November 2006 I could stand it no longer so we flew back to Brisbane to see Stephen. In five weeks he had me like new again, although his herbs still taste terrible.

Stephen, Dan and I hope you live a long life because a lot of people depend on you.


I was a reluctant patient on the first occasion I visited you. As you know, I come from a medical family, so to go to a Naturopath as a last resort didn't sit well with how I'd been brought up. I had been in agony with my back for more than ten years before you started to treat me. What a surprise it was that after just two visits the pain started to lessen and I could get some sleep. I don't take drugs any more and I am completely pain free.


Stephen's zest for life is infectious. Eating the way he has taught us has become a way of life for our family. We have two beautiful, healthy children, who are truly happy. We seldom see mood swings and I believe that is due to the food we eat and of course from having happy healthy parents.