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Because I have been in Clinical Practice for 30 years, I know that our hormones affect how we think. Knowing this, it becomes immediately obvious that if your hormones are in disarray, so are you. Just a small discrepancy or over-supply of a hormone can cause your body to seriously malfunction, making it impossible for you to be the happy, successful person you were meant to be. IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE ALL YOUR GOALS, YOUR HORMONES HAVE TO BE FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY!

(a) OESTROGEN DOMINANCE SYNDROME: This condition is often reflected in the patient who presents with FIBROIDS, or ENDOMETRIOSIS, or BREAST CANCER or PROSTATE CANCER. There can be CLOTTING at Menstruation or HEAVY BLEEDING. Sometimes, in parallel with excess oestrogen we might see: RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, THYROIDITIS, or other AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS.

In conditions such as FIBROIDS or ENDOMETRIOSIS, INFLAMMATION can up-regulate oestrogen producing enzymes to manufacture proliferative OESTRADIOL.

Oestrogen can go on to cause serious problems depending on the receptor to which it is eventually married.

Furthermore, oestrogen detoxification can be problematic but the good news is that THESE PATHWAYS CAN BE POSITIVELY INFLUENCED BY NATURAL MEDICINE.

(b) LOW PROGESTERON SYNDROME: This condition is often reflected in people who present with CYCLICAL MOOD CHANGES. ANGER and ANXIETY may begin to feature more prominently in the Patient's Life than they should. DEPRESSION can be a problem. Patients sometimes complain of CYCLICAL BREAST TENDERNESS and ABDOMINAL PAIN. FOOD CRAVINGS can become almost a constant unwanted companion.

Because one of the principal roles of Progesterone is to foster the implantation of a fertilised egg in the uterus, if there is insufficient Progesterone, INFERTILITY is the obvious result as are IRREGULAR CYCLES.

In this situation a woman's LIBIDO CAN NOSE DIVE.

The patient may also complain of PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY - nerve damage to arms, hands, legs or feet.

With this condition there is a problem with the conversion of PROGESTERONE TO ALLPREGNANOLONE. Normally this substance binds in the brain to what is known as a GABA receptor and as a consequence there is a taming of: IRRITABILITY, PAIN and ANXIETY. In today's fast paced world, HIGH STRESS or HIGH OESTROGEN or a combination of both can thwart the conversion of PROGESTERONE to ALLOPREGNANOLONE.

THYROID DISTURBANCE can place a barrier between the conversion of PREGNANOLONE to PROGESTERONE. (In the hundreds of cases I have seen over the last 30 years, many patients who have experienced unsatisfactory outcomes before seeking me out have been told after the interpretation of a blood test that their Thyroid has been functioning correctly when this has not been the case. This is why a lot of these patients are extremely tired and overweight before I begin treatment.)

(c) OESTROGEN DEFICIENCY SYNDROME: A decline in Oestrogen is a Natural Progression in a Woman's Life as she approaches Menopause. Because I have been in Clinical Practice for 30 years, I can well remember the time when drug companies sought to influence women to believe otherwise. HRT was heralded as their new great friend that in many cases had disastrous consequences. (In my book 100% ALIVE & HAPPY, which I wrote in 2000, I devoted a chapter speaking out against HRT. This provoked outrage from many quarters but I am unrepentant and still hold to the same views.) Subsequently, there have been many well based studies linking HRT with Stroke, Heart Disease and Breast Cancer.

Because I have treated a large number of menopausal women, I know that those who come into my clinics with a history of long term stress or a fragile HPA (Hypothalamic/Pituitary/Adrenal) connection suffer most. I prefer Salivary Tests rather than blood tests in these instances to illuminate the ADRENAL HORMONAL PROFILE.

To help those with OESTROGEN DEFICIENCY SYNDROME, I turn to Herbal Medicine and find it without peer in these situations as it has the wisdom of centuries to recommend it along with the testimony of millions of women.

The clinical picture enveloping women here can be summarised in the following way: HOT FLUSHES, VAGINAL DRYNESS, LOW SEX DRIVE, ANXIETY/DEPRESSION, INSOMNIA, NIGHT SWEATS.

There can also be a symbiosis of: HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, VAT ( Visceral Adipose Tissue ie thickening around the abdomen that can heighten the risk of UTERINE or PROSTATE CANCER and TYPE 2 DIABETES ), HEIGHTENED CHOLESTEROL, HEART DISEASE, OSTEOPOROSIS.

(d) TESTOSTERONE DOMINANCE SYNDROME: Testosterone is in a family of hormones known as ANDROGENS that are normally considered to be male hormones but women have them too in reduced amounts. In females androgens are normally converted to oestrogen and at puberty are responsible for the growth of pubic hair. Females who are experiencing Testosterone Dominance may present in the clinic with HIRSUTISM ( unwanted hair on chin or lips ) or even thinning hair or adult acne.

The over-abundance of Testosterone in women can trigger PCOS - POLYCYSTIC OVARIES SYNDROME. In PCOS, the androgen release originates predominantly in the ovaries that can promote INFLAMMATORY CYTOKINES (Interleukin 6 and TNF alpha). These surging inflammatory chemicals trigger INSULIN RESISTANCE which has a knock-on effect in the ovary to synthesise more androgen. This self-perpetuating cycle can further deteriorate into TYPE-2 DIABETES. In patients with high levels of Testosterone, I feel it is a good precaution for them to have their HbA1c levels measured. This enables the practitioner to see what the person's sugar levels have been running at over a period of time. (Undetected diabetes can be disastrous particularly for those who have elevated blood pressure.)

PATIENTS OFTEN PRESENT WITH INFERTILITY as the first sign of a problem with TESTOSTERONE DOMINANCE. They may also complain of a LACK OF REGULAR PERIODS or PAIN DUE TO INFLAMMATION. VISCERAL THICKENING (ABDOMINAL FAT) may be in evidence. Many people with this condition whom I have seen, have also been told (INCORRECTLY) that their THYROID is fine. As a consequence, these people have been IN A LOSING BATTLE WITH THEIR WEIGHT.

AN INVITATION: In the last 30 years, much of my clinical time has been spent HELPING PATIENTS unravel their HORMONAL PROBLEMS. THIS I VERY MUCH ENJOY.

As the planet is becoming more and more polluted and our STRESS LEVELS ARE RISING, OUR HORMONAL PROBLEMS ARE RISING TOO!

If you think your Hormones may be a Problem, I would love to help you.

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DISCLAIMER: This information is of a general nature only. As each person reacts differently, the information must not be acted upon without a face to face consultation with your chosen Health Practitioner.

Stephen Zemek ND BN

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