Super Man and Super Woman

Hello Friends,

This newsletter is a little different from those of the past. This time I am writing about two specific people who have given me permission to do so. One of the nice things about being a naturopath is that I do meet some very nice people and this couple are wonderful people. I'll call them Jim and Joan (not their real names).

When they first came to see me, Joan said, 'Stephen, the trouble is we're expected to be like SUPER PEOPLE. You know like SUPER MAN AND SUPER WOMAN. The trouble is we're not and we're falling apart.'

Jim and Joan own their own business, employ forty-two people and work between fifty and seventy hours a week. They told me quite seriously that they were very interested in their health. Jim reached down and put a box on my desk containing twenty-six (26) bottles of tablets - some prescribed by doctors others from a naturopath and some from a homeopath and two they'd read about. After listening to me for over an hour they decided of their own free will to make a fresh start and abandon their crate of tablets. (Just the other eveing I saw a television show about a group of doctors in America who have banded together for the specific purpose of reducing peoples' dependency on drugs. One old lady went to their hospital taking seven drugs and left with no medication at all and felt the best she had in years.)

There are two types of people who come to see me. Those wanting a quick fix and those who seriously want to become well and realize that to do so takes time and effort. Jim and Joan were in the latter category.

These were Joan's problems; Chronic Tiredness, yet sporadic bursts of energy at night where she felt compelled to clean the house. Depression, Poor Memory, Hair Loss, Non-existant sex drive, Breast Tenderness and Bloating.

Jim's list of problems were as follows; Low Energy, Sudden Burst of Anger, Poor concentration, poor memory, (His memory loss was of great concern to him as he told me, in years past people would always complement him on his recall), Persistent Headaches, Low Sex Drive, Poor Bowel Function. He admitted to being a fast food addict because he travelled a lot. He had a bad taste in his mouth every morning on rising. Jim had been a marathon runner in his younger years and told me that he had been on DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) from doctors in an attempt to lift his performance.

After listening carefully to their problems it was obvious that their level of stress was inordinately high so they agreed to my suggestion that we run a Baseline Hormonal Profile on both of them. When the tests came back from the lab, here's what we found.

Joan's evening Cortisol Level was very high, which one sees in depressives and because this should switch off at night as melatonin kicks in, we knew we had to correct that because this was obviously giving her the manic energy at night. She also had higher levels of E1 (Estrone) than I like to see and diminished Progesterone. We started with Herbal Medicine to address Joan's Cortisol imbalance via her adrenal glands. In two visits she was sleeping properly and noted her depression had started to lift. She told me her energy was up two hundred percent.

Next we attacked here Oestrogen dominance. In five visits, her breast tenderness was a thing of the past as were her periods of bloating and she was happy to have her sex drive returning. Her hair loss persisted so we ran a full Thyroid Function Test not just TSH. This revealed elevated TSH with low T4 and Low T3. We are in the process of correcting this and Joan's hair loss has slowed substantially.

When Jim's tests results came back the first thing I noticed was that his levels of E2 (Oestradiol) were elevated. I felt this could have occurred through his taking DHEA with which I never agree. DHEA can be increased naturally through calorie sparing and sensible exercise. The problem with taking DHEA is that in men it must first be converted to androstenodione and then to testosterone so it has two chances to aromatize into Oestrogens a. E1 (Estrone) from androstenedione b. E2 (Oestradiol) from testosterone.

When we looked at Jim's salivary ph we found it was bordering on eight. He was absorbing very little and this explained the constant bad taste in his mouth. We had our starting point! He left with a bottle of herbal medicine, a new diet plan and a promise to follow my instructions on BEING STILL (Chapter 3) of my book. When he came back this is what he reported.

His energy was up about twenty percent, the bad taste in his mouth was gone but the thing about which he was most happy was that his family was telling him his anger was settling. Jim was a very, very compliant patient and a great pleasure to treat. The next thing we attacked was his poor bowel function - again with herbs. In two weeks this brought startling results. Because he was no longer suffering from auto-intoxication, when he came back he reported his headaches had disappeared and his memory had come flooding back. His energy now stood at about seventy percent of his requirements. At his third visit, Jim told me his energy was up to about ninety percent and his sex drive was just fine.

I'm still treating these two marvellous people but they are very different. They have sold off part of their business and cut their work load down to a thirty-five hour week. Their diets have changed completely and they each follow my instruction on taking a half hour out each day to BE STILL.

Yours in Good Health,

DISCLAIMER: This information is of a general nature only. As each person reacts differently, the information must not be acted upon without a face to face consultation with your chosen Health Practitioner.

Stephen Zemek ND BN

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